An important education for today’s fast world

ISHCMC-American Academy is providing children with the comprehensive education that is currently required to succeed in higher education and the modern workplace.


At ISHCMC-AA we continually consider what new skills our students need to gain access to higher education and to generally flourish in all areas of life. As the world constantly moves at a faster pace, and technology develops at ever increasing speeds, it is more important than ever that education delivers the tools for every child to succeed academically, socially and within their future employment.


Children also require the social skills to enable them to become a part of each new community they will encounter in life, and also the knowledge to embrace every aspect of the modern world around them. 


It is no longer sufficient for a school to focus solely on academic subjects, so ISHCMC-AA has implemented a broad program that also offers arts, languages, sports, community projects and beneficial blended learning. We lay the foundation for a successful education by providing a rigorous American accredited curriculum and then empower our students to reach their potential in every class they undertake.


Blended learning is an approach to learning that combines face-to-face and online learning experiences.

Ideally, each (online and off) will complement the other by using its particular strengths



ISHCMC-AA preparing students for a fast world

At ISHCMC-AA we are proud of the innovative technology and learning practices we have implemented to prepare our students to manage each challenge in life:


Self improvement:


  • Self-Grading – Our assessment programs involve the process of self-grading and are designed to give continuous and constructive evaluations, not only in the progress made to date in a child’s education, but also to decide the steps ahead. 


Dealing with technology:


  • Technology in classroom – including virtual reality, a Makerspace with robotics, coding, 3D printing, and laser printing.


Being a beneficial part of every community:


  • Outdoor Education Field Studies Program – as detailed in the ISHCMC-AA prospectus we have established an Outdoor Education Field Studies Program that teaches students the importance of teamwork and working for the good of your local and global communities.


ISHCMC-American Academy Programs

At ISHCMC-AA students will learn to develop practical skills and problem solving abilities that can be utilised at work, in their local communities and abroad via the following programs:


  • ICT program
  • World languages program
  • Arts program
  • Music big band program


Student Wellbeing

As wellbeing is fundamental to the happiness and achievements of each student at ISHCMC-AA, we have created a series of programs to ensure this issue is consistently and positively addressed. These support services include Student Mediators and the Global Be Well Student Committee that organizes our annual Global Be Well Day, and the monthly activities and newsletters promised in the ISHCMC-AA wellbeing charter.



“There is probably no other industry or social institution quite as invested in the future than education.”



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For more information about any of the programs featured in this article please contact:

Ms. Jennifer Pratt, Principal: jennifer.pratt@aavn.edu.vn

Mr. Robert Williams, Academic Dean: robert.williams@aavn.edu.vn