Northeastern University

Selena Phan
Graduating Class of 2015
Granted early acceptance to Northeastern University
Ranked #47 out of 4000 universities on US News and Ranking

"I have known Selena since she joined ISHCMC - American Academy as a Grade 9 student. I have witnessed her transform to a young adult full of confidence, able to collaborate and lead a team within the school community. Studying at the school, she has been able to strengthen her English language skills which have impacted positively in both her studies and the extra-curricular life of the school. Her world has opened up and it is terrific to hear that she has been accepted at her first choice, Northeastern University. She is an example to us all and we wish her the very best in all of her future endeavors,” says John Watson, Head of Electives at ISHCMC – American Academy.

“Selena has been a wonderful student during her time with us. She was a leader at our College and University Boot Camp. Her role included working with the representatives to coordinate the career panels. She shined as a leader in this exercise and developed her leadership skills further than she thought was even possible. We are all delighted that her hard work and determination has paid off and that ISHCMC – American Academy students continue to be exceptional students that US universities enroll,” says Mark Lewis, Head of School at ISHCMC – American Academy.