Northeastern University

Vy Thai (Hilary)
Graduating Class of 2015
Studying Political Science and International Affairs at Northeastern University
Ranked #47 out of 4000 universities on US News and Ranking

Ms. Heather Carreiro, Deputy Head of School at ISHCMC – American Academy says, “Vy took two Syracuse University writing courses with me during her time at ISHCMC – American Academy. Vy showed her initiative and creativity by taking on ambitious projects such as writing and illustrating her own graphic memoir and seeking publication for her work in outside venues. Vy also singlehandedly completed professional-quality graphic design and layout for the school's literary magazine two years in a row. Northeastern University - with its urban environment, strong co-op program, and varied study abroad opportunities - has been a great fit for an adventurous, innovative, and hands-on student like Vy!"

“Northeastern University is such a big and globally-immersed community that gives me a lot of opportunities inside and outside of classes. I'm currently three weeks into my first co-op - a programme that gives students up to 18 months of professional work experience through internship opportunities around the world - in Seoul, South Korea as a research and advocacy internship about human rights issues. My experience has been great so far and I am confident that I have developed new skills that are not possible to build on inside a classroom. Plus, studying abroad has always been a thrill to me!

I'm glad that I was fortunate to be able to study at ISHCMC - American Academy. Those years enabled me to discover my passion in terms of both education and life. The AP (Advanced Placement) and SUPA courses (Syracuse University Project Advance), I was able to earn 9 university credits prior to entering university. My SUPA Academic Writing class also helped me to skip the first-year writing class required for freshmen at Northeastern University. In addition, SUPA Public Affairs class helped me to define a fundamental interest in the fields of social sciences and politics, in which I chose to pursue as a major in university.

From my time at ISHCMC - American Academy, I feel privileged that I was able to receive an education experience that has prepared me for Northeastern University.  For me personally, the writing-intensive courses and counseling services had been a tremendous source of preparation for me in order to become successful,” says Vy.