University of California, Davis

Pham Bao Duy (Jimmy)
Graduating Class of 2014
Studying Pharmaceutical Chemistry at University of California, Davis
Ranked #41 out of 4000 universities on US News and Ranking

During his junior year, he took two Advanced Placement exams, earning a Qualified score in Chemistry and a Well Qualified score in Computer Science A. As a senior, he earned 12 university credits in Biology and Calculus via our dual enrollment program with Syracuse University Project Advance, says Heather Deputy Head at ISHCMC – American Academy.

“I have been studying at UC Davis now for six months, reflecting on my time studying at ISHCMC – American Academy for four years, I can now see how much my teachers helped me develop skills to transition to university life through courses available and activities that help me develop my personal skills. These all boosted my confidence and improved my English skills. At school, I was encouraged to take AP (Advance Placement) and SUPA courses. These all help students earn university credits. I believe strongly that this benefited me and helped my transition to university life.”