University of California, Davis

Trung Duong (Benny) 
Graduating Class of 2015
Studying Biological Systems Engineering or Biological & Agricultural Engineering at University of California, Davis
Ranked #41 out of 4000 universities on US News and Ranking

“I’m really pleased that my parents chose ISHCMC – American Academy as a High School for me. Studying here for four years allowed me to experience an English learning environment and because of this international learning environment, English became my primary language. As a result, I feel confident understanding my professors in lectures. After all, the purpose of going to school is to study and prepare for your future, so I think a good international school is very important decision for parents!  During my time at ISHCMC – American Academy, I studied AP Chemistry, AP Physics I & II, SUPA Calculus and SUPA Biology. These classes were a challenging but allowed me to develop my self-study skills. This has equipped me for university; it allows me to keep ahead and has become a really crucial skill for college survival. I still miss the teachers and my friends at ISHCMC – American Academy, everyone was always approachable and I will always be thankful for my experience there,” says Benny.

“UC Davis was Benny's top choice school. Being such a competitive and highly ranked program for Biological Systems Engineering, we were excited when he first made the waitlist. He quickly set to work on his waitlist essay, highlighting his own father's work in that field here in Vietnam. It was even more exciting the day he received the acceptance letter! His full year of university-level Biology with our Syracuse University dual enrollment program helped give Benny essential background and confirm what he wanted to study for his major”, says, Ms. Carreiro Deputy Head of School at ISHCMC – American Academy.