University of Toronto

Nguyen Quang Minh
Graduating Class of 2013
Studying Physics and Mathematics at University of Toronto
Ranked #19 in the world by US News & World Report

“I really enjoy studying at University of Toronto. Founded in 1827, UT is one of the oldest universities in Canada and consistently ranks among the world’s top 20 universities. The university is located in the Discovery District, an area of downtown Toronto that features a high concentration of educational institutions and research hospitals. The city is also well known as a center for commerce, finance, industry, and entertainment alongside New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Toronto‘s cosmopolitan atmosphere is clearly reflected in its cuisine. I could find any European or Asian dishes and even my favorite Vietnamese meals without going too far from my residence. However, I often prefer the food in the university residence since food outside can be pricey. A big, hot bowl of pho from a restaurant costs me $10, which is approximately eight times the price it would be Saigon.

To the seniors at ISHCMC – American Academy, I hope you all will have a wonderful school year and be accepted to the university of your dreams. For all the AP students, I encourage you to sit the AP exams; with a score of 4 or 5 you not only have chance for scholarships, but also the opportunity to earn credit at many universities in North America and skip some of the typical first-year university classes. Lastly, I wish all ISHCMC - AA teachers a blessed school year."