Earn early university credit with AP & SUPA Programs at ISHCMC-American Academy

AT ISHCMC-American Academy we are proud of the effective pathways we have established that enable our students to continue their education at college and university level. We now offer two programs that can smoothly facilitate the move from high school to higher learning, and ones that provide access to universities and colleges based in America and Vietnam, and other locations around the world. 


These beneficial programs offer graduates assistance in several important areas including tuition fees, understanding degree coursework and acquiring essential credit.


Syracuse University Project Advance (SUPA) Program

A highlight of the ISHCMC-American Academy academic framework is the training we can offer due to our involvement with Syracuse University Project Advance (SUPA). In a nutshell, our SUPA program will give students an insight into college studies, a boost in their academic credentials and the ability to earn university credits.


We are currently the only school in Vietnam that is able to provide the SUPA program to students.


Currently we have faculty members on our team who have trained with SUPA and can provide courses that follow the curriculum and guidelines established by Syracuse University. Our faculty are trained with Syracuse University and qualified to teach these SUPA courses as adjunct professors of the university. Students register for SUPA courses as a non-matriculated student (a student not yet accepted for admission to a college or university) and upon completion will receive a SU transcript in addition to their high school course credit. 


Importantly, SUPA will provide a clear indicator for students to assess their own ability to deal with college work prior to full-time college study.



Would it be interesting to include a quote from one of the staff here about SUPA courses and what they can offer students?

You can find past 2019 SUPA teacher quotes here: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/18Evfj3WkwELxvSaOXb3goj-xNJ_904rR

Older information on SUPA here from 2016 but the section on “What is SUPA at ISHCMC-American Academy?” is relevant:



SUPA Enrollment details

To meet the criteria for admission on the SUPA program at ISHCMC-American Academy, students must:

  • be in grade 11 or 12 
  • meet the prerequisites for each course, as specified in the course guide
  • officially register with Syracuse University for each enrolled course and pay course fees by the registration deadline
  • be prepared to complete SU coursework during school holidays that might include summer reading assignments prior to starting a new course

Advanced Placement (AP) Program

At ISHCMC-American Academy we have also been authorized to offer Advanced Placement (AP) courses since the 2012-2013 academic year. The courses available under our AP program are alternated each year to ensure that students have access to the widest variety of subjects as possible. 


Past SUPA courses have included the following subjects:

Calculus, Psychology, 21st Century Studies, Literature, Physics, Public Affairs, Chemistry, Creative & Non-Fiction Writing.


The ISHCMC-AA faculty who teach the AP courses regularly attend relevant AP workshops and seminars both in Vietnam and abroad. This practice is essential so that our teachers have the correct training to gain the valuable resources and insight required to teach these important classes.


Benefits of SUPA & AP programs for ISHCMC-American Academy students

  • students can take part in one of USA’s leading concurrent enrollment programs
  • individuals can assess ability to undertake and complete college coursework
  • programs provide a pathway to over 100 universities worldwide
  • varied list of courses from forensic science to psychology to writing
  • participants can make savings in college fees via reduced tuition rates
  • coursework and results can be considered as part of degree work


Students cannot take more than a combination of 3 Advanced Placement and/or Syracuse University courses without written approval from the Counselor, Curriculum Coordinator, and SUPA Coordinator.


High School Profile

Further details relating to SUPA and AP programs at ISHCMC-AA can be found in our High School Profile, which can be downloaded here.


Contact Us!

For more information about the SUPA and AP programs available for students at ISHCMC-American Academy please contact:


Ms. Jennifer Pratt, Principal: jennifer.pratt@aavn.edu.vn 

Mr. Robert Williams, Academic Dean: robert.williams@aavn.edu.vn