Technology has advanced learning and teaching practices in many areas of education, and the technological tools now available are key to the development and communication of knowledge in every school and university today.

Technology continually changes the way people socialize and work, and so it follows that education technology will keep changing the way students learn. As education technology continues to develop, the more innovative teaching aids will become, the opportunities are endless and the positives are many.

Let’s be honest, how could so many students have been able to carry on learning throughout 2020 if it wasn’t for the existence of advanced technology? The global pandemic and national lockdowns created a situation where children fortunate enough to have access to computers were able to continue their studies. Beyond Covid-19, online learning has also made education available to remote areas of the world, where real life teachers and non virtual teaching aids are in short supply.

Back in the classroom, gamification and virtual reality technology are helping children learn in a fun and effective way. Students can use tools like Minecraft to build 3-D models of places they learn about in geography, history or science. Online quiz games like Quizlet and Kahoot! allow students to build vocabulary and knowledge in a fun and social environment. 

Virtual reality is even more remarkable as this equipment can virtually transport a child learning about a new country or a historical age, into that actual world. Imagine how beneficial it would be for a student studying the Roman Empire, being able to walk around the Colosseum and see it as it looked in the time of Ancient Rome. With this immersive education children are now able to navigate every corner of the globe whilst sitting at their desk.

A report from the beginning of this year detailed certain trends that will continue to affect and assist in the advancement of education technology in the near future. These include the accessibility of education via technology that leads to immense cost savings via digital reference material and the ease of translation today. 

Personalized Learning is also an important factor as technology allows learning to be tailored to a student’s specific needs or interests. Online tools like IXL and Membean are practice programs for English and Math that give immediate feedback to students and respond with relevant practice questions. 

Personalized learning helps all students remain engaged and subsequently progress at their own pace.

So although at ISHCMC-American Academy we absolutely champion the positives of moving away from the digital screen and spending time outdoors, it is clear that education technology has an important and effective part to play in our school and your child’s learning.

“Artificial intelligence will continue to fill gaps in learning and teaching and help personalize and streamline education.”

Examples of positive educational technologies:

  • virtual reality
  • digital platforms
  • games
  • podcasts
  • 3D printing

ISHCMC-American Academy – Education technology

Student & Parent portal

  • Google Classroom: Teachers share all assignments, calendar, projects, and resources virtually on the Google Classroom. This is accessed daily by students and accessible by parents. Students use the online classroom to submit work, and get feedback from peers and teachers.
  • Google Tools for Education: Students and teachers use Google’s full suite of applications at school.  Docs, Slides, and Sites allow students to create collaborative documents and presentations.  Teachers and students use Forms  They use Calendar, Mail, Meets and Keep communicate with their teachers and stay organized. 
  • PowerTeacher Pro: Allows students and parents to track progress and achievement during the semester
  • Library resources: Includes access to a wide range of online reading materials and textbooks as well as websites and databases to support independent student research.

Edtech & well being

At ISHCMC-AA we teach students about how to remain safe online through our health, ICT and advisory programs.

Accessible via our Student & Parent Central portal are services and functionality concerned with the well being of children under our care. These include the Wellness Center, a forum which specializes in health, and the portal Student Open-Mic which students can use if they have any concerns about their education or life at school.