How Inquiry based learning will benefit your child

An explanation of inquiry based learning and why this teaching methodology benefits every student at ISHCMC-American Academy.


For previous generations the art of teaching more often relied upon a teacher presenting certain facts to the classroom and then expounding on the subject from their knowledge on each particular subject. This traditional way of learning can be limiting as it naturally restricts questions and often discourages continued discussion.


At ISHCMC-American Academy we believe that inquiry based learning is a far more effective way of building knowledge and skills. Inquiry based learning is a positive and active form of learning that involves using the skills needed to seek out information including questioning, listening and investigating.


Definition of Inquiry:

“a seeking or request for truth, information, or knowledge. An investigation, the act of inquiring or of seeking information by questioning;interrogation” 



When the ISHCMC-AA faculty teach using inquiry based learning, they invite curiosity in a subject by posing a question or scenario for a child to consider. Their students are then encouraged to seek out information by inquiry which inevitably leads to a better understanding of the lesson or task in hand. As inquiry based learning requires more thinking than traditional school learning, it ensures that students not only pursue information, but they question the findings and then investigate the best way to apply their new knowledge and skills.


Beyond academic studies we also endeavor to build the abilities and mindset our students will need to lead successful and meaningful lives. The core goal of education at ISHCMC-AA is the development of character and community: we foster mindsets that support learning, internationalism and well-being for all.



“Our approach to learning creates a culture of achievement in our close-knit community of over 300 students, demonstrated in our graduates’ U.S. $1m scholarship fund to overseas universities.”

Mr. Nathan Swenson

Head of School, ISHCMC – American Academy


Quality Teachers

Our highly experienced team of teaching staff at ISHCMC–American Academy are also open-minded and curious about education. They benefit from ongoing professional development via inspiring courses, workshops, conferences and lectures by leading international educators and take part in regular team building activities. 


100% of ISHCMC-AA faculty hold a Bachelor’s Degree and Teaching Credentials from their home countries.

Over 70% of ISHCMC-AA teachers hold Master’s degrees in their specialist subjects.

Average of 12 years of teaching and education experience


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Teaching and Learning at ISHCMC-AA:  How we teach

The amazing faculty at ISHCMC-AA is made up of highly motivated and experienced teachers from around the world.  Our teachers use a range of methods in their classrooms to understand and support the needs and interests of our students.


Principles of Quality Teaching and Learning

  • We develop positive mindsets and focus on growth in students. Every child has an opportunity to grow given personalized support and quality feedback.
  • We nurture caring classrooms and school communities with a focus on well-being for all.
  • Foster student engagement using active, challenging, relevant, collaborative and meaningful activities.


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