How to help your child transition to ISHCMC-American Academy

Changing schools can be a daunting step in anyone’s life, no matter how old you are, or even if there is an older sibling already studying at the new academy. The process can be particularly difficult if the change is being made half way through middle or high school, when friendships between other students have already been formed.


However the good news is there is a warm welcome waiting for every new student through the doors of ISHCMC-American Academy. As a happy school community we endeavour to always provide a positive, caring and engaging learning environment for our students, a place where they can be happy both in study and playtime.


However we also know that change can be scary and our teaching staff, counselors and administrators always work together to make sure every new learner feels at home at ISHCMC-American Academy. This welcoming environment extends beyond the classroom and into the canteen, playground and library.


So for any nervous parents (we know you feel it too!) Please rest assured that any child joining our school community will be looked after with care.



“There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind”

C.S. Lewis


In the meantime here is a guide with some ideas to help you prepare your child for the exciting change that is ahead of them.


Create excitement using website and social media pages

Turn anxious feelings into excitement and engage your child with the images and news available on ISHCMC-AA’s Facebook fanpage and website. You can show them videos of present and past pupils on fieldtrips, in the science lab and on the sportsfield – hopefully your child will be excited and inspired!


Book a personal tour at the school

Help your child familiarise themselves with their forthcoming new surroundings and book a tour around the school so we can show you both what good things are waiting for them.


Tell them about our Sun Bear spirit!

We promise you – It’s infectious!


Time to be proud & have some fun trying on the new uniform

Organise an afternoon when your child can dress up in their new uniform for the first time – invite a neighbor or friend round to applaud – they are going to feel full of the Sun Bear spirit and very grown up!


Employ backup!

Recruit older siblings, friends, cousins or grandparents to help build your child’s confidence and excitement about going to a new school.


Don’t forget old friends

If your child is feeling anxious about leaving behind a happy school and good friends then spend time reassuring them that these positive things are still in their life, and that they will only be adding new ones at ISHCMC-AA.


Be prepared for the big day

Make sure that you are both ready for your child to tackle the big first day at their new school! Double check that every piece of uniform is ready to wear, and that you are up in plenty of time to get ready and arrive at school on time.


“I always welcome the opportunity to showcase our wonderful school to prospective students and their families, and to the fellow education professionals who frequently visit to find out the secret of our success.”

A Welcome from Head of School, Nathan Swenson