Our Top Students

Our Top Students

At ISHCMC - American Academy, our rigorous American curriculum allows our students to reach their full potential and a world of opportunity when considering their next steps.

Read about our students' achievements and experiences studying overseas after graduation.



Northeastern University


Selena was accepted to her first choice school, Northeastern University, under the university's early admission program. This comes after four years of studying the rigorous American curriculum at ISHCMC - American Academy, including university-level AP Calculus. At Northeastern University, Selena will study International Business and Marketing with the goal of working in the apparel industry.


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17 University Credits

University of Cincinatti


Annie was awarded 17 Syracuse University credits while still in high school after completing year-long Syracuse University Project Advance (SUPA) courses in Biology and Calculus at ISHCMC - American Academy. Annie is attending the University of Cincinnati in Ohio, where she is studying physical therapy.


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Scholarship Winner

University of Kentucky


Tien was awarded a competitive scholarship to the University of Kentucky. The Class of 2014 Valedictorian is simultaenously pursuing two paths of study: Architecture and Pre-Medicine. Tien was well-prepared for her high-challenge university programs after taking a range of Advanced Placement and Syracuse University Project Advance (SUPA) courses at ISHCMC - American Academy.


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#19 in the World

University of Toronto

Quang Minh

Quang Minh, who graduated from ISHCMC - American Academy in 2013, is studying Physics and Mathematics at the University of Toronto, which is ranked #19 in the world by US News & World Report. Speaking from experience, Quang encourages fellow ISHCMC - American Academy students to take university-level courses while still in high school to earn early university credit and stand out in the university admission process.


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12 University Credits

UC Davis


Jimmy earned 12 Syracuse University credits in Biology and Calculus while in high school via ISHCMC - American Academy's dual enrollment program with Syracuse University Project Advance (SUPA). Jimmy also earned a Qualified score in his Advanced Placement (AP) Chemistry exam and a Well Qualified score in AP Computer Science A. He is now studying pharmaceutical chemistry at the University of California, Davis.


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1st Choice School

UC Davis


Benny was accepted to his first choice school, the University of California, Davis, to study Biological Systems Engineering. While at ISHCMC - American Academy, Benny took a range of university-level courses, including Advanced Placemet (AP) Chemistry, AP Physics I & II, and Syracuse University Project Advance (SUPA) Calculus and SUPA Biology. These challenging courses helped give Benny essential background for his university major.


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9 University Credits

Northeastern University


Vy earned 9 Syracuse University credits prior to entering Northeastern University after completing three high-challenge Syracuse University Project Advance (SUPA) courses in Academic Writing, Creative Writing and Public Affairs. These courses not only helped her skip the first-year writing course erquired for freshmen at Northestern University, but also helped her define her interests in the fields of social studies and politics. She is now majoring in Political Science and International Affairs.


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$32,000 Scholarship

Hawaii Pacific University


Thao was awarded a competitive U.S. $32,000 scholarship and an Early Action acceptance to study Computer Science at Hawaii Pacific University. Always at the forefront of innovation, ISHCMC - American Academy allows students to extend their knowledge with university-level ICT courses, including Advanced Placement Computer Science A, where students learn to apply programming tools as solutions to real-life problems. 

Our University Acceptances (2014-2015)

United States65*


United Kingdom1*




*Number of universities that ISHCMC - American Academy students have been accepted in the last two years.

See a detailed list of our 2014-2015 university acceptances

Everyone who has walked the halls of ISHCMC – American Academy remains a valued member of our school community.

Whether you attended for one semester or your entire school career, you have contributed to our history. Staying in touch with our Alumni is important to us so please take the time to update your contact details. In return, we will keep you informed about ISHCMC – American Academy news, upcoming events and alumni reunions.  If you are planning a visit to Ho Chi Minh City, please send us a message at admissions@aavn.edu.vn. We would love to have you visit us and share your memories.

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