Parents of ISHCMC-American Academy - Welcome to our community!

We would like to extend a warm welcome to every parent and guardian in our school community!

At ISHCMC-American Academy (ISHCMC-AA) we strongly feel that the parents and guardians of our students are as important to our faculty as the students and staff. We know that the relationship between student, school and home is critical to building a successful partnership to ensure our learners can achieve their full potential. 

Our Welcoming Community!

We are proud to have a close-knit, vibrant community where parents and teachers work collaboratively

in enriching our students’ school experience.

ISHCMC-American Academy leadership team

How ISHCMC-American Academy works with our parents & guardians

To allow parents to be fully supportive of their children and our community, we have implemented helpful systems and events to enable them to be as involved as possible.

Online support

This year all parents will receive a parent sign-on account that you will use to:

  • Log on to PowerSchool: to see grades, assignments, attendance and schedules
  • Access to Student & Parent Central: portal for school resources and information 
  • Sign up for ASAs: so you can enroll your child in after school activities

Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

We always encourage parents and guardians to join the ISHCMC-American Academy Parent Teacher Association, an organisation that provides networking and social opportunities for all! 

Weekly email & Newsletter

Parents receive an informative and fun email at the start of every week so that they can stay completely up to date with school news and events. It is important that parents read the memo so that they are aware of all deadlines and can support their child with learning and school's activities. 

Coffee mornings with Head of School

Our popular monthly coffee mornings are hosted by our Head of School Nathan Swenson - parents are invited to seminars on the latest academic and facility developments at the school, and to provide feedback

on how we can improve our programs.

Seminars & Parent-Teacher-Student Conferences

Members of our academic staff also lead regular Parent Seminars to discuss topics pertinent to the school community and students’ education. Parent-Teacher-Student Conferences are held twice a year to provide parents with progress on their child’s learning.

ISHCMC-AA Parent Teacher Association (PTA) Vision:

‘We promote positive parent school partnerships to unite the school community and help to make every child’s potential a reality’.