Deepa Rani_Science Dept Head

Deepa Rani

Originally from India, Deepa has extensive experience teaching science in India, United States, Nigeria, China, and Vietnam. This will be her 7th year teaching at ISHCMC-AA. Through her experience, she has found that inquiry-based science programs, such as project-based science, significantly increases science concept learning on both lower cognitive level (recall) items and higher cognitive level (transfer and application) items. While teaching, she is a motivator, diagnostician, advisor, experimenter, researcher, collaborator, and learner. She likes hiking through the mountain, relaxing on a tropical beach, and going on boat rides with friends.

MA Science Education, Teacher College, Columbia University, New York, USA
BEd in Chemistry and General Science JNVU, Jodhpur, India
BSc in Chemistry, Botany and Zoology JNVU, Jodhpur, India
MA in History JNVU, Jodhpur, India