International High School at ISHCMC - American Academy

Our international high school delivers a challenging American academic program to pave the way for our high school students’ future success at leading universities in the U.S. and anywhere else in the world. We are the only school in Vietnam to offer early university credits through Syracuse University Project Advance (SUPA). This, combined with support through our dedicated University Counseling Program and week-long University Boot Camp, helps our students enter the university of their choice.

Graduate with Two Transcripts

The only school offering Syracuse University Project Advance

ISHCMC – American Academy is proud to be the first school in Southeast Asia and the only international school in Vietnam to offer the Syracuse University Project Advance (SUPA). This premier cooperative partnership earns students a Syracuse University (SU) transcript in addition to their American High School Diploma, giving them a distinct competitive edge to stand out in the university admissions process.

Through this exclusive program, Grade 11 and 12 students can enroll in SUPA courses and earn university credit recognized by more than 90% of U.S. universities. These university level courses – using the same syllabi, materials, textbooks, assignments and assessments as courses offered at Syracuse University – prepare our students for the transition to the demands of university-level education.

Fast Track to U.S. Universities

With early university credit

At our American international school in Vietnam, students can graduate with early university credit through the Advanced Placement (AP) courses and AP exams. The majority of the four-year universities in the U.S. have an AP policy that grants incoming students credit, placement or both for qualifying AP Exam scores.

Through taking the challenging AP courses and exams, students also show to universities that they are academically ready for the rigor of a university-level education. By combining SUPA and AP credits, our high school students can complete part of their university education before graduating from high school, saving both time and money in their tertiary education.

Academic Excellence

Over 90% of students achieve above grade level Mathematics

Academic progress, achievement and testing are critical in the high school years, when course grades and standardized test scores form a key component of the university admissions process. Preparation for the SAT, a globally recognized university admissions test that assesses a student’s knowledge of reading, writing, and math begins from Grade 9.

To help our students achieve the best they can in the SAT, all 9th and 10th graders take and learn from the Preliminary SAT (PSAT), which requires the same testing strategies needed to succeed in the SAT. We invite external test prep providers to lead specialized SAT prep classes at ISHCMC – American Academy, which take place after school hours and last up to 10 weeks.

To further support the PSAT, students take the Measures of Academic Progress® (MAP®) assessments twice a year – once in the Fall and once in the Spring – to measure individual progress in English and Math from year to year and throughout an academic year.

Benchmarked against U.S. standards, MAP® results help our teachers to deliver individualized learning plans to ensure every student is academically prepared for their overseas university education. In 2015, over 90% of our high school students achieved above the worldwide standards in Math in their MAP® tests.

University Counseling Program

In our dedicated Student Services Department

At ISHCMC – American Academy, we understand that applying to university is a new and challenging process. With our dedicated University Counseling Program, our professional university counselor schedules regular meetings with our students to help them achieve their university goals.

Our expert counselor coordinates university tours, assists with university selection and university applications, and reveals avenues for financial aid. ISHCMC – American Academy students have received scholarships worth over U.S. $1m in the past two years to prestigious universities worldwide.

In their final year at ISHCMC – American Academy, all 12th grade students take part in our free week-long intensive University Boot Camp to work on their university applications under the guidance of our counselor.

To support this program, we offer a dedicated University Counseling Suite equipped with the latest resources and tools needed to tackle the university admissions process. ISHCMC – American Academy is proud to have 80% of our Class of 2014 students receiving scholarships to overseas universities.

Excellence in English

Over 60% of students achieve above grade level English

We are committed to building English proficiency in every student, as it is an essential component for a successful career at overseas universities. In 2015, over 60% of our high school students achieved above the worldwide standards in their English MAP® tests.

We provide free English language support for non-native speakers through our English as an Additional Language (EAL) program. Benchmarked against U.S. standards in English and based on the World-Class Instructional Design and Assessment (WIDA) framework and assessments, our structured EAL program progresses students through 6 stages of the language acquisition process until they reach a proficiency level equivalent to that of a native speaker.

From 9th grade, EAL students extend their knowledge with rigorous grade-level Reading & Writing Workshops in preparation for their university admission essays and English proficiency tests (TOEFL & IELTS), which are highly regarded by U.S. universities when admitting international applicants.

21st Century Learning

BYOD Program

Such is the importance of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in work and life, it is our role as 21st-century educators to teach our students to use technology confidently, responsibly and constructively. Our state-of-the-art Video Production Suite, equipped with a professional green screen, studio lighting, and the latest audio-visual system, allows our students to explore filmography and video editing skills while developing their journalism and English communication skills.

Always at the forefront of innovation, we allow students to extend their knowledge with our university-level ICT courses. In AP Computer Science A, students learn to apply programming tools as solutions to real-life problems, while SUPA Web Design equips students with coding skills to design customized web portfolios for their university applications.

Our BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) program equips our students with the skills for effective communication, research, and individual project management. Our highly experienced teachers integrate technology across the curriculum, with lessons enhanced through the use of multi-media formats, with access to a computer lab, MakerSpace, Green Room, and the latest electronic research tools.

World Languages Program

English, Mandarin & Vietnamese

The ability to communicate in multiple languages is crucial for success in today’s global business community. At ISHCMC – American Academy, our students have a competitive edge in preparation for this new economy through our extensive World Languages Program. Mandarin, the most widely spoken language globally, is taught by a Chinese native specialist who has a Master’s Degree in teaching Mandarin as a second language. Our rigorous Mandarin program requires students to take the HSK examinations, an international standardized assessment with over 30 years’ history evaluating non-Chinese individuals’ Mandarin language proficiency. All middle school students take Vietnamese Studies, studying Vietnamese Literature, History and Geography to enrich their cultural understanding of the country we live in.

Explore and Experience our wonderful classrooms and community firsthand!

A phone call or visit to our website cannot capture the feeling of visiting our campus and observing our students flourishing at ISHCMC – American Academy. We would be happy to meet with you and your family to discuss our school, admissions process, how we can meet your child’s needs and show you around our world-class facilities.