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At ISHCMC – American Academy, our rigorous American curriculum allows our students to reach their full potential and a world of opportunity when considering their next steps.

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SUPA Program

Syracuse University Project Advance

One of the hallmarks of our academic program is our involvement with Syracuse University Project Advance (SUPA). We have five faculty members who have trained with SUPA to offer Syracuse University courses for credit to our juniors and seniors. Students register online as non-matriculated students of SU, and upon completion of their dual enrollment courses receive an SU transcript in addition to their high school course credit. We are the only school in Vietnam to offer this program.

Syracuse University Project Advance (SUPA) is a cooperative program between Syracuse University (SU) and your high school that allows high school students to enroll in SU courses. Teachers who are also adjunct SU instructors teach these classes in the high school, following the curriculum and guidelines established by SU. SUPA enables high school students to gauge their ability to do college work prior to full-time college study. Upon successful completion of an SU course, students are awarded SU transcripts that record credits earned. These credits are transferable to hundreds of colleges and universities nationwide. Note that there is a per-credit tuition charge of $112 per credit hour associated with SU courses, although this charge is significantly discounted compared to regular Syracuse University tuition fees. For more information about Syracuse University Project Advance, contact your guidance counselor or visit

SUPA Enrollment at ISHCMC - American Academy

  • Students must be grade 11 or 12 standing to enroll in an SU course. Some courses allow only Grade 12 students.
  • Students must meet course pre-requisites for each course, as specified in the course guide.
  • ISHCMC – American Academy’s SUPA Coordinator has the right to refuse enrollment for students who do not meet prerequisites.
  • Students may not take more than a combination of 3 Advanced Placement and/or Syracuse University courses without written approval from the Counselor, Curriculum Coordinator, and SUPA Coordinator.
  • Students must officially register with Syracuse University for each enrolled course and pay course fees by the registration deadline. If students do not register and pay for the course, they will be dropped from the course and will need to change their schedule and course of study.
  • Students may be required to continue SUPA studies after the school’s Grade 12 graduation date. Classes will not run after the official last day of school.
  • Students should expect to complete SU coursework during school holidays. This may include summer reading assignments prior to starting a new course.

AP Program

Advanced Placement

ISHCMC – American Academy has been authorized to offer Advanced Placement (AP) courses by the College Board since the 2012-2013 academic year. In Vietnam in the 2015-2016 academic year, only 6 schools in Ho Chi Minh City and 3 schools in Hanoi were authorized to offer these university-level courses.

Our course offerings alternate yearly in order to offer a wider variety of classes. Faculty who teach AP courses attend AP workshops and seminars around the world in order to gain valuable resources and insight for teaching these high-level classes.

AAVN Bachelor


Everyone who has walked the halls of ISHCMC – American Academy remains a valued member of our school community.

Whether you attended for one semester or your entire school career, you have contributed to our history. Staying in touch with our Alumni is important to us so please take the time to update your contact details. In return, we will keep you informed about ISHCMC – American Academy news, upcoming events and alumni reunions. If you are planning a visit to Ho Chi Minh City, please send us a message at We would love to have you visit us and share your memories.

Our University Acceptances (2019-2020)

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*Number of universities that ISHCMC – American Academy students have been accepted in the last two years. See a detailed list of university acceptances.