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Benefits of Outdoor Activities and Field Trips | ISHCMC-American Academy

Most adults today will clearly recall either their parents telling them to go outside to play, or being reluctantly enlisted on a family walk, out in the fresh air, to the country or seaside. These are acts of parenting that customarily get passed on down the generations, as we all generally know that being outside and amongst nature is essentially a good thing for us to do.

In today’s world, where kids are relentlessly surrounded by ever advancing technology, taking time to be outside of the house is even more important than ever. Children need time away from the screens of their mobiles and computers, and they will benefit from time not spent engrossed in social media or lost within the graphic landscape of a PC game.

Being outside and being active is good for your child’s physical and mental health, and for their general well being. A natural environment gives children the perfect setting to be able to play and interact with their peers, and on top of the fun, outdoor activities are also extremely beneficial for a child’s learning.

“The powerful combination of a diversity of play experiences and direct contact with nature has direct benefits for children’s physical, mental and emotional health. Free play opportunities in natural settings offer possibilities for restoration, and hence, well-being.”

Report: Play, naturally: A review of children’s natural play 

ISHCMC-American Academy Outdoor Education Field Studies Program

As illustrated in the ISHCMC-AA prospectus and featured on the Field Trip page of our Student & Parent Central platform, at ISHCMC-American Academy we are proud of the Outdoor Education Field Studies Program. Significant studies have shown that outdoor education that involves nature can boost a child’s performance at school, and we also firmly believe that outdoor activities are essential to the overall well being of a child.  

The ISHCMC-American Academy Field Studies Program incorporates multiple day field trips across Vietnam and Southeast Asia, which work in tandem with the school’s curriculum, and provides opportunities for students to work on innovative projects and gain leadership experience. Our Outdoor Education program grows students in the following ways:

  • Independence and resilience
  • Self confidence
  • Understanding of the natural environment 
  • Character development
  • Leadership and teamwork skills



Using the Positive Education learning model, the program endorses our commitment to developing every aspect of a child as they build confidence and inspire students to get involved in their local community. The expeditions teach children to apply knowledge learnt in school to real life situations and participants learn decision making skills, how to work in a team environment, and a greater cultural understanding of the world around them.

As a part of the Cognita Schools Group, ISHCMC-AA is on a mission to deliver impactful Outdoor Education experiences to students.  We have expert staff in the field of Outdoor Education planning and facilitating the trips, and international standard risk management practices to ensure the trips are safe and fun.

Significant studies have shown that outdoor education that involves nature can boost a child’s performance at school, and we also firmly believe that outdoor activities are essential to the overall well being of a child. 

“Where Character is Built”

Students often tell us that Outdoor Education Field Students experiences are the most memorable and important times they’ve had at ISHCMC-AA. 

My most memorable moment about the field trip is when I went rock climbing. First I was very scared that I would fall because I am afraid of heights. But when I reached the top after many times wanting to give up, I realized that I can do everything. (Grade 7 student, 2019 to Cat Tien & Madagui)

The focus of the trips vary from school year to school year and include working with schools in the Mekong Delta, explorations to study geological features on the Vietnamese coastline, and community projects to help clean up areas around Hoi An port.

ISHCMC-AA Field Studies Program are beneficial as they:

  • strengthen relationships
  • enhance awareness of culture, society and history
  • build valuable outdoor and physical fitness skills
  • encourage students to take risks and ne more confident in their ability to succeed

Field Program picture gallery

Visit the Field Program picture gallery to view a fantastic showcase of past field trips that include:

an historical excursion to Angkor Wat in Cambodia to learn about ancient and modern civilizations & a jungle trek to  the third largest cave in the world in Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park and UNESCO World Heritage site.

Outdoor activities are important for children because they:

  • have a positive factor in a child’s development
  • are good for physical and mental health
  • connect children with nature
  • help a child appreciate natural surroundings
  • provide essential practical experience for life
  • improve general behaviour
  • are great fun

For more information contact: Mr. Michael Tower, Deputy Head of School at michael.tower@aavn.edu.vn.