An effective school curriculum every parent can trust

The ISHCMC-American Academy educational program is a guaranteed, viable and tested curriculum that ensures every parent can feel assured that their children are in safe hands.


When any parent or guardian looks to enroll a child in school, there are surely two main concerns that come to mind: that the child will be happy attending the school, and that the school will ensure the child receives a positive education.


At ISHCMC-American Academy we can promise that every student in our care will encounter a positive, caring and engaged learning experience within our school community. We are also extremely proud to have realized our vision to become one of the most academically successful American international schools in Asia. 


These circumstances have been achieved by implementing both a highly qualified and dedicated team of teachers, and a viable and tested school curriculum at ISHCMC-AA.


We are able to set the foundation for success for each student with a rigorous academic program that follows American accreditation standards from age 11. Most crucially this curriculum is designed to be flexible and responsive to the abilities and aspirations of each individual student. 


All classes are taught in English except for an extensive Vietnamese Studies Program that ensures Vietnamese students can maintain their Mother Tongue, whilst non-Vietnamese students can learn Mandarin as a second language.


ISHCMC-American Academy is the only school in Vietnam to offer university-level courses through both Syracuse University Project Advance (SUPA) and Advanced Placement (AP). These programs, supported by our University Counseling program, offer your child an unparalleled advantage to attend higher education in Vietnam, America or elsewhere abroad.


Above excellence in academic subjects, our inspiring curriculum allows us to empower students to realize their potential in other areas including the arts, sports, music and technology.


Reporting, testing processes ?


  • Feedback and Assessment 
  • Standardized testing
  • Reporting Student Progress and Achievement



We are pleased to report that the successful approach to teaching at ISHCMC-American Academy has created a culture of achievement within our close-knit community of over 300 students. This has been clearly demonstrated in the graduates’ U.S. $1.5 million USD scholarship fund to overseas universities collated last year.


High School Profile

Details relating to ISHCMC-AA student demographics, academic programs and successful university and college acceptances can be found in our High School Profile, which can be downloaded here.


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Our Academic Standards

English:  AERO* LINK

Math:  Common Core Integrated Mathematics LINK

Social Studies: AERO* Social Studies LINK

Science and Technology:  Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) LINK

Vietnamese Studies:  MOET Standards for International Schools

Arts: AERO* Music LINK,  AERO* Visual Arts LINK

Physical Education:  SHAPE America LINK 

Health:  Massachusetts Comprehensive Health Framework LINK

Advanced and College level courses (Grade 11-12)

Advanced Placement (AP)

Syracuse University Project Advanced (SUPA)

Curricular and Co-curricular programs

EAL (English as an additional language)

Advisory Program / Positive Education

House Program

Academic Counseling

Social and Emotional Counseling

College and Career Counseling

Field Studies Program

SISAC Sports teams

After-School Activities (ASAs)

Assistantship Program

Sports Leadership Program

Peer Tutoring

Peer Mediation

Outdoor Education:  Cognita Framework 

* AERO:  American Education Reaches Out