Creating the ideal classroom for teaching & learning

Gone are the days when a school classroom was always composed of strict lines of wooden desks and matching chairs, all permanently and ridgedly facing towards a blackboard and a teacher holding a piece of chalk. Although this setup might still be suitable for certain lessons and exams, it is now generally thought that when creating the ideal classroom, a fluid and spacious approach is more conducive to learning. Also, there is far less chalk involved in modern teaching practices!


Two key words appear time and again when considering the composition of the ideal classroom: accessibility and space.

  • Access to the teacher, the child, classmates, books, technology, materials and equipment. 
  • Well thought out areas to create space for both the learners and educators, and all the apparatus required for teaching and learning.


At ISHCMC-American Academy (ISHCMC-AA) our teaching practices are focused directly on the individual needs of a student, and their unique abilities and potential. Our ideal classroom provides the space required for our teachers to work one on one with each child, for the students to speak with their teacher when they need them, and to allow access to every element and aspect that ensures a positive learning experience.


Key points we consider when creating the ideal classroom:


Desk space

Set up all desks and play areas with enough space for a teacher to easily interact with their students and can focus on one student at a time.


Teachers desk

Ensure that a teacher’s desk or working area is open and inviting so that students find it easy to approach.


Communal space

Create a communal play area with soft chairs, low tables and books, where students can spend quiet reading time or gather together with classmates to learn and play. Sometimes children need a corner to themselves but they also learn from each other when they interact.



Technology is now integral to a child’s learning and throughout their general lives so it is important that students can easily access the technical equipment available to them.


Books & materials

Accessibility to every educational tool available is important when learning so make sure students can reach all the books and safe materials that they need to play and learn.


Get the kids involved!

If children are included in the set up of a classroom they will feel engaged and subsequently more excited and positive about the space they learn in. This can be achieved by arranging class workshop discussions about how best to arrange the communal play area or students creating themed artwork for the classroom walls.


ISHCMC-AA provides best in class facilities!

ISHCMC-AA’s campus provides our students with a positive, caring and engaged learning experience within an inspirational environment. The school complex features the latest in learning innovation: state-of-the-art air conditioned classrooms with interactive Promethean boards, science laboratories, Video Production Lab and Innovation Center, ICT suite, art room and a brand new library equipped with an extensive selection of English books and the latest online resource tools.


Contact Us!

For more information about ISHCMC-AA’s educational program and facilities please contact:


Robert Williams, Academic Dean