Quality teaching at ISHCMC-AA ensures student success

The American politician Brad Henry once said that a good teacher can: inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning. At ISHCMC-American Academy (ISHCMC-AA) we support this positive thinking and ensure our teachers are fundamentally committed to inspiring and challenging the students in our care to achieve their highest potential in every area of their lives.


ISHCMC-AA is a leading American curriculum secondary school in Ho Chi Minh City and we are proud of our professional faculty of teachers that maintain both up to date and progressive teaching credentials. Over 70% of our teachers have earned at least one post-graduate degree in their specialist subject.


Being student focused, the ISHCMC-AA teaching faculty are able to develop the individual and unique abilities and potential of every child who attends this school. This effective approach helps create a strong culture of achievement in every new student and within the community of every class and school year.


The guiding vision statement of our school is to provide positive, caring and engaged learning for our students. This ethos has a proven track record and has produced impressive university placements and scholarship success at ISHCMC-AA for nearly two decades.


We boast a truly international team of educators and although the majority of our teaching staff originate from the United States, our teachers also hail from Vietnam, Canada, China, the UK, Australia, South Africa, Colombia, Ireland, and India. The diverse and interesting background of the faculty ensures that ISHCMC-AA students are consistently presented with new cultural perspectives that will enrich their lives.


A foundation for success for every student is set with their complete immersion in the English language and undertaking a meticulous American curriculum from the age of 11. Every child has access to extensive support for learning English as an Additional Language (EAL) with many of our advanced classes and intensive EAL courses offering smaller class sizes and greater individual teacher attention. In addition and of equal importance is the provision of an extensive Vietnamese Studies Program to ensure our Vietnamese students maintain their Mother Tongue and cultural roots. 


ISHCMC-AA mission goals:

At the very core of our mission is the goal to equip our students with the academic language skills they will need to be successful in every class and beyond the school grounds.


Achieving beyond academia!

Success is not just measured by achievement in academic lessons at ISHCMC-AA and our teaching faculty are also committed to empowering students to reach their full potential in other areas including arts, sports and technology. 


Our teachers are lifelong learners too!

ISHCMC-AA teachers benefit from continuous professional development as part of their own lifelong learning by undertaking courses, workshops and lectures by leading international educators, supplemented by regular team building activities.



A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning.

  • Brad Henry


ISHCMC-American Academy Student Services

Our efficient Student Services Department at ISHCMC-AA provides an in-depth program of services to help students with many issues including their well-being, academic studies, and parent communication. Details relating to the support available can be found in the school handbook and via the ISHCMC-AA Student & Parent Central.


At ISHCMC – American Academy we believe:

  • Every student has the potential to do well in school and with proper mentoring can be supported in making good decisions for themselves.
  • All students need to develop positive skills and habits to aid them in both school and their personal lives.
  • Our students should be introduced to global ideas and expectations throughout the school years to ensure they become kind and compassionate global citizens.
  • ISHCMC-AA staff should work as a team to support positive character development in every child using a consistent system throughout all levels and areas of the academy.