The importance of mother tongue & culture support in school

As an international school in Ho Chi Minh City it is important for ISHCMC-AA to address and support the Mother Tongue language and culture of all students within our educational framework. We believe it is crucial to balance how a child continues to develop their first language and the importance of learning English so that they can maximize every opportunity available to them at ISHCMC-AA.


There are numerous benefits for any child to be able to speak one or more foreign languages, which include access to a higher education, living, studying and working abroad, and contributing to any multicultural society.


Our school curriculum is based on the standards of the American education system, but we also offer an extensive Vietnamese Studies Program to every Vietnamese student. This dual approach provides the best opportunity for our children to access a university or college education abroad or in Vietnam, whilst maintaining their Mother Tongue and cultural roots.


ISHCMC-American Academy is proud to be the only school in Vietnam to offer university-level courses through both Syracuse University Project Advance (SUPA) and Advanced Placement (AP), giving your child an unparalleled competitive advantage.

Details of these higher education programmes can be found here.


Vietnamese Studies Program

The Vietnamese Studies Program involves learning Vietnamese literature, history and geography and ensuring that Vietnamese students maintain their Mother Tongue and all children enrich their cultural understanding of the country that we live in. Our program exceeds the MOET (Vietnam’s Ministry of Education & Training) requirements for international schools. We do this because we have a strong belief that the language and culture of our students is essential for their wellbeing and future success.


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World Languages Program

Mastering two or three languages in high school demonstrates to university admissions staff that a student is serious about academics, interested in learning about other cultures, and ready to take on the challenges of studying unfamiliar topics. In addition, to achieve success within today’s international workplace it is crucial for any graduate to speak two or more languages. 


At ISHCMC-American Academy our students can acquire a competitive edge in preparation for international business through our World Languages Program in either Vietnamese or Mandarin. More information is available in the ISHCMC-AA curriculum guide.



“We believe that in today’s globalized world, all children benefit from a multilingual education which offers them an opportunity to become fluent in their mother tongues as well as in the official language of the state, and one or more foreign languages, allowing them to pursue higher education, to communicate easily in more than one language, through different media and to contribute meaningfully to society.

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SUPA & AP Higher Education Programs

Find out more about the SUPA and AP higher education programs that your child can start in Grade 11.

Syracuse University Project Advance (SUPA)

Advanced Placement (AP)


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