University & scholarship success at ISHCMC-American Academy

The graduating class of 2021 continued the ongoing annual success of gaining impressive university placements and scholarships for students from ISHCMC-American Academy (ISHCMC-AA). This year the full faculty, from Head of School to every member of our teaching staff and administrators, were delighted to see another year of impressive results and acceptances to universities both in Vietnam and abroad.


Students graduating from ISHCMC-AA at the end of the 2020 – 2021 school year were collectively accepted to over 50 universities around the world and awarded more than 1,500,000 USD in scholarships!


These incredible achievements came about as the result of intensive study and hard work from every individual student, who set a goal to continue their education at a local or international university or college. The ISHCMC-AA educational program is able to assist these endeavours by providing effective teaching practices and support, which includes complete immersion in the English language and extensive University Counseling services.


Each year ISHCMC-AA encourages those students intending to further their education after high school, to apply to a maximum of ten colleges and universities worldwide. This approach ensures that every child undertakes important research and allows them to consider their options on a truly international basis.


SUPA & AP Programs

ISHCMC – American Academy is proud to be the only school in Vietnam to offer university level courses

through Syracuse University Project Advance (SUPA) and Advanced Placement (AP), giving every student at the school an unparalleled competitive advantage.

These globally recognized programs offer early university credit and enable students to complete part of

their university education while in high school, saving both time and money in tertiary education.


The Class of 2021!

The many stars of the graduating class of 2021 gained places in universities and colleges right across the world including ones located in the USA, Europe, Australia, Vietnam and Canada. Below is a small sample of these exceptional young people and details pertaining to every student from this year can be found on the ISHCMC-AA Facebook page.




Ben Vo

University of East Anglia, England

Aston University, England

University of Sussex, England


Intended Major: Finance


Ann Le

HAN University of Applied Science, Netherlands ($15,300 USD scholarship)

University of Iowa, USA ($40,000 USD scholarship)

University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, USA

Loyola University Chicago, USA ($100,000 USD scholarship)


Intended Major: International Business




Katy Truong

University of Alabama, USA ($170,000 USD scholarship)

University of Oregon, USA ($76,000 USD scholarship)

University of British Columbia, Canada


Intended Major: Marketing


Han Vo

Bentley University, USA

University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA ($56,000 USD scholarship)

Drake University, USA ($108,000 USD scholarship)


Intended Major: Communication and Business




Francisco Lai and Khoi Le who received acceptance to Fullbright University, Vietnam, alongside Trixie Truong who will be studying Ceramic & Fine Art at the teaching center.




An Nguyen

University of British Columbia, Canada


Intended Major: Management


Quan Nguyen

Ryerson University, Canada

Swinburne University of Technology, Australia

Monash University, Australia


Intended Major: Finance


Key points to ISHCMC-AA University and Scholarship success!

  • ISHCMC-AA students undertake a complete immersion in the English language developing a high proficiency that culminates in over 50% achieving above grade level English each school year.
  • An ISHCMC-AA education provides preparation for a seamless transition to U.S. universities, with our students receiving over U.S. $1m in overseas scholarships in recent years.
  • ISHCMC-AA is the only school in Vietnam offering both Syracuse University Project Advance and Advanced Placement courses for early university credit.
  • 90% of ISHCMC-AA students achieve above grade level Math, so our graduates always stand out in the university admissions process.


Helpful guidance & information

Parents and guardians can access helpful information about the pathway to university and applying for scholarships via the University & Guidance page on our school website. This instructive platform also provides access to the University Counseling Guidebook and details about related seminars.


ISHCMC-AA students have been accepted to:

  • 38 of the top 100 ranked American Universities
  • all of the top 5 ranked Canadian Universities
  • all of the top 5 ranked Australian Universities

Rankings according to the U.S. News and World Report.



Details of the impressive college and university places gained by ISHCMC-AA graduates from 2013 to 2020 are included in our High School Profile 2020-21 pdf download.