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ISHCMC - American Academy Tuition Fees


All school fees in Vietnam are quoted in Vietnamese Dong.

Early Bird Discount

A 6% early bird discount is offered to families who pay their ISHCMC - American Academy tuition fees in full by May 3rd, 2019. These families will enjoy both early bird discounts (2% + 4%) for a total of 6% discount. Families who pay their tuition fees in full by June 3rd, 2019 will enjoy an early bird discount of 4%.

Annual Fee Inclusions

The annual tuition fee covers a specifically designed and structured curriculum, which includes:

  • Annual overnight field trips from Grade 6 to Grade 12
  • Support for English as an Additional Language (EAL)
  • Selected After School Activities (ASA) and Sports Programs
  • School uniform one time starter set
  • All required text books are provided for Grades 6 - 12
  • Beginning of the year stationery package

Bring Your Own Device Program (BYOD)

ISHCMC - American Academy is a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) 21st Century school. Students are required to bring a MAC or PC laptop. Smartphones and iPads do not satisfy the minimum requirements. Please consult the School Handbook for the minimum requirements necessary for your student.

Syracuse University Project Advance (SUPA) & Advanced Placement (AP)

Grade 11 or 12 students that enroll in SUPA or AP courses will pay additional registration fees for Syracuse University credit and transcripts as well as AP Exam fees.

Admissions Fee 25,000,000 VND

This fee will only be applied if there is a possible vacancy for a student who meets the appropriate academic and English requirements, as stated in the ISHCMC - American Academy admissions policy. The Admissions Fee covers the costs of administrative procedures necessary for processing student applications; including student interviews, English language testing (if required), reviewing academic history, placement in grades and classes, allocation of subjects and timetabling. For the first enrolling student, this fee will be paid in full. Any subsequent sibling will be given a 50% discount. The Admissions Fee is paid at the time of application and is not refundable.

Payment Options

ISHCMC - American Academy non-corporate fee paying families are able to choose a two-payment, per semester option or a four-payment, per term option for their school fees.

Sibling Discount

A sibling discount is offered for non-corporate fee payers. The second family child enrolled in either ISHCMC - American Academy, or ISSP will receive a 5% discount. The third, and subsequent siblings, will receive a 20% discount on the tuition fees. This discount applies to the youngest child(ren) in the family.

GradeAnnual (payment before May 3rd)Annual (payment before June 3rd)Annual (payment before July 1)
Grade 6430,990,000440,160,000458,500,000
Grade 7430,990,000440,160,000458,500,000
Grade 8430,990,000440,160,000458,500,000
Grade 9482,596,000492,864,000513,400,000
Grade 10482,596,000492,864,000513,400,000
Grade 11517,000,000528,000,000550,000,000
Grade 12517,000,000528,000,000550,000,000
GradeSemester 1Semester 2
Grade 6236,100,000236,100,000
Grade 7236,100,000236,100,000
Grade 8236,100,000236,100,000
Grade 9264,400,000264,400,000
Grade 10264,400,000264,400,000
Grade 11283,300,000283,300,000
Grade 12283,300,000283,300,000
GradeTerm 1Term 2Term 3Term 4
Grade 6170,100,000121,500,000121,500,00072,900,000
Grade 7170,100,000121,500,000121,500,00072,900,000
Grade 8170,100,000121,500,000121,500,00072,900,000
Grade 9190,500,000136,100,000136,100,00081,600,000
Grade 10190,500,000136,100,000136,100,00081,600,000
Grade 11204,100,000145,800,000145,800,00087,500,000
Grade 12204,100,000145,800,000145,800,00087,500,000