There is an extensive list of reasons why routine should be introduced into every child’s life, both at home and during their school day. A clear and flexible routine provides children with a reassuring timetable that will make them feel secure, and a solid framework that effectively reduces stress and helps keep them calm. A good routine can be an important part of your child’s general well being.

Keeping to a good routine doesn’t have to be tedious for either you or your child, far from it. Yes a daily routine might contain some boring elements, but a well organized timetable will help create a happy balance between the fun and seemingly more arduous activities. Children are happier to settle down and concentrate on a work task when they know the reward of playtime or lunch will follow on from study time.

Regular routines really help kids ‘get things done’, as a familiar schedule will establish expectations of a child. When the child is aware of how to meet the expectations they gain an independence which leads to confidence and the ability to deal with the small demands of daily life.

As a child’s self-assurance grows so will their ability to be able to cope with bigger and more complicated tasks and also changes that might occur in their life.

The benefits that your child will gain from following a sound routine at home and at school are extensive and it’s remarkable what a simple but flexible structure to each day can bring to a young person’s life.

A good routine will:

  • provide stability and security
  • reduce stress and keep a child calm
  • install good habits e.g regular teeth brushing and completing homework on time
  • encourage self-discipline to help a child study
  • aid with sleep and healthy eating patterns
  • establish expectations, create independence and build confidence

ISHCMC-AA & supporting a child’s well being

At ISHCMC-AA, we provide a positive, caring and engaging learning community that considers the well-being of our students at all times. For ISHCMC-AA parents, we have created communications such as our Weekly Parent Memo and Be Well newsletter that detail social events and helpful resources that provide both entertainment and support for the development and well-being of their child.

Why routines need to be flexible – how ISHCMC-AA adapts to the global pandemic

Moving forward we remain consistently aware of Covid 19 and how the pandemic is still affecting the world around us. At ISHCMC-AA, we are mindfully prepared for a potential change in circumstances at any time and are ready to make adjustments to our teaching framework to ensure that each semester is disrupted as little as possible and that we constantly maintain the well-being of our students and their families.

Good routines in the home

You can set up simple and effective schedules at home that will help with daily time keeping and chores, and give your child enjoyable events to look forward to.


Setting times for: waking up, getting ready, having breakfast & leaving for school

After School

Organise regular: after school activities, family evening dinners, TV time, reading before bedtime


Arrange a weekly schedule for: tidying bedroom, helping to unpack food shopping, feeding pets

Fun Times

Put dates in the diary for: baking on a Saturday morning, playing in the park, trips to the movie

“Good habits are worth being fanatical about.” ― John Irving


The philosophies and guiding statements of ISHCMC-American Academy have been devised to lead us in fulfilling our vision of being one of the most academically successful American international schools in Asia. As a school community we will provide a positive, caring and engaging learning community that:

  • Delivers a high quality American style education
  • Inspires a lifelong passion for learning
  • Enables graduates to gain entrance to quality US and international institutions of higher learning
  • Promotes international and intercultural respect and collaboration
  • Empowers all to be the best they can