support child learning


What more important gift can you give your child than your full support throughout their learning? As a parent you are the first teacher that your children encounter, and you will often be one of the most important educators in their lives. 

Studies have shown that when a parent or guardian plays a key role in the education of a child, they will not only achieve greater academic success, but also enjoy their time at school more. Parental involvement should be considered as an asset to any school and it is always encouraged at ISHCMC-American Academy.

The mindset at ISHCMC-American Academy is that we are here to support you, so that you can support your child’s learning. We achieve this by our teaching staff being available on a daily basis, and by providing beneficial resources that parents can access for helpful information and tips.


Helpful resources for parents at ISHCMC-American Academy 

ISHCMC-AA Student & Parent Central 

An interactive platform that provides helpful functionality to navigate life at ISHCMC-AA, including library resources, the school calendar and notice board bulletins.

Parent Information & Resources

A specific portal for parents on ISHCMC-AA Student & Parent Central that features guides for reporting student absence and understanding examination grades, as well as details of after school sports activities and social events.

Parent Seminars and Tea Times 

Parent-focused presentations run by school administrators, counselors and teachers on subjects related to learning and a child’s well-being. Vietnamese translation is provided at most of the sessions and the supporting presentation slides are sent out after the event via our Weekly Parent Memo. Forthcoming showcases include the following topics:

  • Keeping children safe online
  • Getting ready for your senior year
  • A year in reflection & how parents can support growth in their child 

Supporting your child’s learning

There are many ways that you can support your child’s learning via the ISHCMC-AA staff, campus and resources, and also while you are at home. The following are a few suggestions that will help:

Meet your teacher!

Make sure you meet your child’s teacher – this is the most important step you can take. Their core subject teachers will always have the clearest understanding of your child’s learning and you can contact them for progress reports throughout each school year.

Investigate ISHCMC-American Academy!

Make sure you learn everything you can about this school and our staff so that you know what resources you can access and who it is best to talk to about every aspect of your child’s learning and well-being.

Attend school events

Turn up for as much as you can! The more Parent Seminars, PTA and social events you attend the more you will benefit from ISHCMC-AA and what we have to offer.

Be encouraging at home

Spend time with your child at home encouraging them to be interested in their education and how it will benefit them in the long term. Be enthusiastic about learning new subjects and instill a curiosity in them to discover more about the world around them. Create a positive energy around learning.

Read, read and more reading

Reading is a pleasure and one of the key factors to a good education. Try to develop a love of reading of all book genres in your children, it will benefit their time at school and throughout their whole lives.

Helping with homework

Set up a schedule for homework that will help your child concentrate on their studies – make sure they have a quiet and comfortable environment to work in, and that they are not distracted by TV, games or siblings.