ISHCMC-AA taking education beyond the classroom

At ISHCMC-AA we believe there are many important elements to education, and a vital range of practices, environments, processes and curriculum, will create the ideal situation for a student to achieve success in learning. 


Beyond academic subjects and traditional classroom teaching lies the great outdoors, where the natural environment is available to provide additional and beneficial opportunities for learning. Very often the most effective learning experiences occur away from the school desk and blackboard, and outdoor learning is considered to be beneficial to both learning and teaching.


“No single element of learning works in isolation, which is why our teaching methods go beyond the classroom to provide real-life contexts and first-hand experiences”.

International School Ho Chi Minh City – American Academy


ISHCMC-AA Field Studies Program

An indispensable part of the ISHCMC-AA curriculum are the invigorating field trips which are undertaken by every middle and high school student each year. These multi-day events take place in various breathtaking locations across Southeast Asia and challenge young people to be innovative, creative, to be leaders and to work as a member of a team.


Each year students undertake new experiences and they learn to understand how these trips provide the opportunity to apply their school studies to real-life situations. As part of our positive education teaching practices, the Field Studies Program underpins the ISHCMC-AA commitment to the development of the whole child.


The varied content of trips include individual and team activities in magical settings and the opportunity to engage with new communities and enrich their cultural understanding of Vietnam and Southeast Asia.

The true success of the program can be measured from the feedback of the students who undertake them. The response is universally positive with participants enthusiastic about contributing to local and global community projects, and desire to take risks and be more confident in their abilities to succeed.


Positives of learning outside the classroom:

  • learning becomes instantly engaging 
  • children develop learning skills through play and new adventures
  • being outside and active in the open air is healthy
  • students are presented with new and interesting life experiences
  • activities undertaken outside can encourage attendance and reduce bad behavior
  • encourages an interest in our natural environment 


Field trips examples for 2021!

Mui Ne Field Trip – Grade 6

4 days/3 nights

Located on the white sandy beaches of Ocean Dunes in Phan Thiet, this magical experience for our Grade 6 students explores outdoor skills and working as an effective team. Exciting activities include swimming pool games, archery, sand art, nights around a campfire and a thrilling mountain hike to the Giant Buddha of Ta Cu Mountain.


Sun Bear Scramble Outdoor Adventure – Grade 11

4 days/3 nights

Mainly situated within the Madagui Forest in the Lam Dong Province near the city of Da Lat, this outdoor adventure takes students on a team city hunt, rock climbing, a cooking picnic challenge, and hiking & kayaking through forests and lakes. A highlight of the trip is experiencing the culture of the Ma People and their traditional and spiritual Gong Performance by campfire at night. 


Full details of the Field Studies Program, the designated field trip for each school year, and thrilling photographs of past events can be seen on the ISHCMC-AA Student & Parent Central.


Skills learnt outside of school will often seem helpful and more relevant to everyday life and the future workplace. 

Beyond the classroom students will undertake:

  • Project management
  • Teamwork
  • Mental and physical challenges 
  • Creative assignments


For more information about the ISHCMC-AA Field Studies Program visit the Field Trip section of the ISHCMC-AA Student & Parent Central or contact us via the following details:


Mr. Dhruv Kalakoti, Outdoor Education Coordinator




I’m hopeful of successfully implementing ideas related to outdoor education activities and creating a healthy, exciting learning environment for our students in the future. Vietnam is a beautiful place with wonderful non-formal education opportunities. 

Dhruv KalakotI, ISHCMC-AA Outdoor Education Coordinator