Healthy Food Choices

A good variety of healthy and delicious food choices are available daily at the ISHCMC-American Academy Canteen. The school supervises the canteen operations to ensure that quality standards are maintained.

Initiated by the School’s canteen committee, the ISHCMC-AA community has united to join the campaign to energize its students by providing healthy, balanced and nutritious dishes, handcrafted with fresh and locally sourced ingredients. Well-known chefs within the food and beverage industry to Vietnam have consulted in developing new school menus. Chefs collaborating on recipes, coaching staff and further developing service procedures.

Breakfast offerings include a healthy breakfast bar with a selection of fruit, yoghurt and cereals. Snacks options include smoothies, natural fruit juices and baked goods made with wholemeal flour, oats and grains. ISHCMC-AA students can choose from a daily option of Asian or Western hot gourmet meals, a themed salad bar, a soup counter serving traditional Asian soups, or a made-to-order sandwich bar. We provide students with a varied daily selection enabling them to make their own good choices.

How to Order Lunches

Lunches may be ordered in advance or daily as needed. If you have any allergy concerns please inform canteen manager. Our canteen is completely nut free.

Canteen manager: Ms. Hang - 0906963384