ISHCMC-American Academy: A Positive, Caring & Engaged School

As the Welcome Introduction to our informative School Handbook states “In everything we do at ISHCMC-AA we aim to be POSITIVE, CARING and ENGAGED”.


These three words are the cornerstones of our teaching methodology and they strongly influence the way we teach every subject and interact with our students.


At ISHCMC-AA we know that teaching children to have a positive attitude will help them build self-belief, which will enable them to deal with the challenges they face at school and in their personal lives. Our faculty staff ensure that while our students are learning new skills they are doing so amongst a respectful community that will always care for and encourage them. 


The young learners at ISHCMC-AA are also empowered to utilize the knowledge and academic success they gain through the high quality American style education we provide. Students are enabled to transfer these abilities to access higher education in Vietnam or abroad, or apply them to work experience or other areas outside of school.


How ISHCMC-American Academy is Positive, Caring & Engaged:



Field Trip Program



Student & Parent Central



University Program


The ISHCMC-AA school community provides a Positive, Caring and Engaged learning community that:

  • Delivers a high quality American style education
  • Inspires a lifelong passion for learning
  • Enables graduates to gain entrance to quality US and international institutions of higher learning
  • Promotes international and intercultural respect and collaboration
  • Empowers all to be the best they can


Our School Mission

In everything we do at ISHCMC-AA we aim to be POSITIVE, CARING and ENGAGED.



We inspire self-belief and student agency by building character, resilience and academic language skills.

Our students define their goals in life and grow to meet new challenges.



We build strong learning communities based on trust and respect. Our students are safe and cared for.



We empower our students with transferable academic skills and knowledge driven by quality American

standards. Our students develop a global mindset firmly rooted in their own culture and language.