Sun Bears of ISHCMC-American Academy – we have such spirit!

At ISHCMC-American Academy we really care about our students. In every academic, sporting and social activity our teaching staff aim, at all times, to be positive, caring and engaged. With this ethos as our guiding framework, we set out on a daily basis to inspire every student to become a successful lifelong learner and a responsible global citizen.


The Sun Bear spirit is our mascot and mindset, and this spirit enthuses and helps students to take advantage of every part of the teaching programs provided at ISHCMC-American Academy. We endeavor to allow children to recognise what positive elements of school work and learning can help them achieve in all areas of their life.



The Sun Bear is our school mascot and we celebrate this beautiful animal to highlight the series issue of how endangered the Sun Bear species is now in Vietnam. 


So what is the ISHCMC-American Academy Sun Bear spirit?

In the words of our own students it is a fundamental and strong belief in yourself, an empowerment that will help you to take risks, make mistakes, and learn from the mistakes that you make. This spirit will teach you that teamwork and collaboration are great things, that being kind and compassionate is so important, that everyone is equal, and every individual has the ability to reach their full potential.

House Spirit!

The Sun Bear spirit is prevalent throughout each of our competitive and enthusiastic school Houses – we have four Houses at ISHCMC-American Academy: Phoenix, Dragons, Lions, and Sharks! Every student is allocated to a House and can compete in friendly competition to help win and build points for their House community. Points are earned through activities held on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, and include House Spirit Day, the Sun Bear Olympics, Sports Day, the Sun Bear Cup, and Spirit Week. 


Sporting Spirit!

At ISHCMC-AA we are constantly proud of our numerous sports teams that truly epitomize the Sun Bear Spirit. Their contests and conquests can be viewed in photographs posted within our Facebook albums, which include both girls and boys basketball, volleyball, table tennis and badminton teams, and soccer teams for middle and high school boys.


The Sun Bear Spirit encourages academic study

The ISHCMC-AA academic program is based on the standards of the American education system, and successful graduates have the potential to gain invaluable access to American colleges and universities around the world. The Sun Bear spirit that inspires students to take advantage of our teaching programs, also helps us to instill in our students the importance of learning the English language, so that they can then leverage incredible opportunities to study abroad.



“It’s a matter of believing and really going for it!”

“My opportunities are everything”

Sun Bear Spirit – ISHCMC-American Academy video


With the Sun Bear spirit our students truly learn to understand what character traits are essential to achieve happiness within friendships and their social lives, and which academic skills will help them reap success in their studies and future workplace.


ISHCMC-American Academy students believe the Sun Bear Spirit has helped them to become:

  • Pioneers of new technology
  • Musicians
  • Artists
  • Scientist
  • Collaborators
  • Athletes
  • Academics
  • Humanitarians


ISHCMC American Academy – Our School Mission

In everything we do at ISHCMC-AA we aim to be POSITIVE, CARING and ENGAGING.



We inspire self-belief and student agency by building character, resilience and academic language skills.

Our students define their goals in life and grow to meet new challenges.



We build strong learning communities based on trust and respect. Our students are safe and cared for.



We empower our students with transferable academic skills and knowledge driven by quality American

standards. Our students develop a global mindset firmly rooted in their own culture and language.